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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CFP: Small Museum Association Annual Conference

Forwarded by The Attic's Chicago-based correspondent:

Small Museum Association

2008 Annual Conference

Call for Papers

The Small Museums Association (SMA) is planning its 24th Annual Conference in Ocean City, Maryland, February 24–26, 2008. Every year, this conference brings together more than 250 museum professionals from a wide range of institutions, primarily from the Mid-Atlantic region—although our member and attendee base has been steadily expanding.

The conference aims to improve professionalism within the community of small museums by providing a unique and comfortable environment for individuals and institutions with diverse experiences to meet and learn from each other. Conference sessions typically provide practical, relevant discussions, and examples for small museums and institutions with limited budgets.

This year, the theme of Annual Conference will be the use of technology in five broad areas, including fundraising, curating, education, museum boards, and volunteers, which will allow attendees to concentrate on the area that most suits the needs of their own work and that of their museum. Technology in the world of museums is continually evolving—and is continually changing museums themselves. Technology, however your museum is currently using it, can open up a great many opportunities, from improving the efficiency of your gift shop to updating your collections records to managing the business that is your museum. The SMA wants to provide those associated with small museums (volunteers, board members, interns, or staff)with the tools needed to use technology to make their institutions even better and morerelevant than they already are.

We invite proposals for sessions based on original research. Proposal topics should in some way touch on the use of technology in all facets of museum work, but especially in the five broad categories mentioned above (fundraising, curating, education, museum boards, and volunteers). Possible session topics include:

• Planning and implementing a fundraising event

• Writing exciting exhibit labels

• Working with your community

• Starting up education programs

• Managing and working with interns

• Developing a well-run board of directors

• Ethics in museum programming

There will be sessions all day on Monday, February 25, and on the morning of Tuesday, February 26, 2008.

Individuals from the museum/historic preservation and related supporting communities who would like to present at this dynamic and friendly conference are invited to submit proposals to the address below by July 20, 2007; you will be notified by August 31, 2007.

Proposal Application
Name: _______________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number: ____________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________
Session Date: Mon. (Feb. 25) _____ Tues. (Feb. 26) ____ Either:

Session Length (select one): 60 min. _____ 90
min. _____
of Proposed Session:
of Proposed Session:
Contact Katherine H.
Maas, SMA Speakers Coordinator

GW Museum Studies Program with questions or completed forms

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