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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


BRIGHTON, 21 and 22 JUNE 2007

Heritage Impact 2007 is the third International Symposium on the study of the socio-economic impact of cultural heritage. The Symposium and professional meeting will take place on 21-22 June, 2007 at the Royal Pavilion Palace, Brighton, UK. The theme will be the crucial, yet complex issue of assessing the socio-economic impact of cultural heritage with specific reference to the impact of ICT at heritage sites.

The use of information and communication technology at museums and heritage sites is increasing. Yet heritage organisations are often poorly placed to fully take advantage of the opportunities that ICT can provide or assess the impact that ICT can have on their organisation. For three years, the European Commission's EPOCH Network of Excellence has studied the impact of ICT in heritage organisations. Using the results of this Europe-wide research in conjunction with practical case studies, this Symposium will provide practitioners with an overview of the business processes associated with successful ICT deployment, and of the impacts and outcomes of ICT and of the wider impacts of heritage sites. The Symposium provides an opportunity for practitioners, policy makers and academics in the heritage field to share the latest thinking on research direction and to consider strategies for both evaluating and improving socio-economic impact in the cultural heritage sector. As always, the Heritage Impact Symposia series aims to produce firmly practical outcomes that will support practitioners in the cultural heritage sector.

The core themes will include:
§ What role can ICT play in enhancing the impact of cultural heritage sites?
§ How can impact be improved through strategic evaluation, marketing and business practices?
§ How can ICT be used to obtain strategic impact data and information at heritage sites?
§ What methodologies can be used to analyse impact and value at cultural heritage sites?
§ Examples and in depth case studies will be examined to show how heritage and ICT can be used to increase positive impact and outcomes.

Heritage site practitioners who are delegates at the Symposium will have the opportunity to attend an additional FREE 2 hour impact training workshop prior to the event.

Heritage Impact 2007 has been organised by the University of Brighton Business School's CUBIST (Cultural Business: Impact Strategy and Technology) Research Unit, and the European Commission's EPOCH Network of Excellence in conjunction with Brighton and Hove Museums Service.

If you have any questions about the Symposium, please contact the Registrar at <> or by phone on: + 44 (0)1273 642468.

If you would like to attend, please register through our website <>

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