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Monday, July 16, 2007

CFP: European Identity and the Second World War

From H-ArtHist:

Call for Papers and Sessions

'European Identity and the Second World War' is a co-operative project between the Huizinga Research School (NL) and Aarhus University (DK), generously supported by the Dutch Research Council NWO, and co-ordinated from the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

The Organizing Committee is now pleased to announce the final conference of the project on 10-11 December 2007, and invites proposals for papers and sessions from any academic discipline which will fit the themes of the conference, as outlined below. Proposals from art historians, historians, literature and film specialists, anthropologists, psychologists, and philosophers are particularly welcome.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by i.a. Norman Davies (Oxford), Jay Winter (Yale), and Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam)

Proposals for papers of 20 minutes, in the form of a title and 300-word abstract, should be should be sent by 1 September 2007 to the Chair of the Organizing Committee (address below), from whom further information is also available. (Session proposals of three or more papers are also welcome.) Text in English, please.

Our website, also contains all current information, and will be updated for registration details.


(see further details overleaf)

1. Political ideas and legacies

2. The impact of the War in visual media

3. Reactions in the various literatures of Europe


Professor Michael Wintle, Chair
Tel. 0031(0)20 5252280

Department of European Studies
Fax. 0031(0)20 5254625

University of Amsterdam

Spuistraat 134
1012VB Amsterdam


In addition to plenary lectures, there will be parallel sessions organized within three strands, as follows:

1. Political ideas and legacies, international relations, and plans for a new Europe, all concentrating on the reactions to the disasters of the War.

* The laboratory of ideas in the 1939-48 period

* The role of the Council of Europe, human rights

* Popular reactions to the E-institutions in the 1960s; nationalism reformulated

* Changing European borders, especially to the East

* Europe and Communism, the Cold War

* The Jewish community and Europe

* The US and Europe

* The role of decolonization

2. The impact of the War on the European idea in visual media

* Filmic treatments of World War II in Europe and Hollywood

* Architecture and public space

* Graphic art, high and low, in reaction to war in Europe

* Europe propaganda (posters, cartoons)

* Visual aspects of remembrance and memory of war

3. Reactions in the various literatures of Europe to the war and its aftermath.

* Literary remembrance of war

* Comparisons of World Wars I and II

* Literary magazines and the European idea

* Literary intellectuals and the idea(l) of Europe

* Reactions in European literatures (especially UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia)

The Organizing Committee expects to publish an edited selection of the papers presented.


European Identity 1939-c.1970:
the Impact of the Second World War
10-11 December 2007

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