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International Conference at Oxford University

24-26 September 2007


Building on the strong response to the study day Plaster Casts: making, collecting and display (University of Reading, October 2005), this conference will bring together an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in plaster casts and their various functions from classical antiquity to the present day. Sessions will address issues relevant to archaeologists, classicists, art historians, cultural historians, museologists and conservators from teaching institutions, and museums.

The conference is generously supported by the Elizabeth Cayzer Charitable
Trust and Oxford University (Craven Committee, Fell Fund, Classics Faculty,
History Faculty, and Worcester College).

For further information and booking facilities please visit:


Sunday, 23 September

2:30 - 6:30pm. Excursion to Aynhoe Park. Departure from Gloucester Green
Station, at Worcester College, Oxford.

7:00 - 8:00pm, reception in Worcester College and registration.

Monday, 24 September 2007
9:00 Registration

Opening session Chair: Donna Kurtz (Beazley Archive, Oxford)

9:30 R.R.R.
Smith (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford), Classical Sculpture and the
Cast of the Aphrodisias Fisherman. Casts and antiquity
9:50 Rune Frederiksen (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford), Plaster Casts in

10:10 Christa Landwehr (Freiburg), The Baiae Casts and the Uniqueness of
Roman Copies.
10:30 Discussion
10:50 Break

The European nobility and plaster casts in the 16th- to 18th centuries
Chair: Eckart Marchand (University of Reading)
11:10 Walter Cupperi (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Multiple Castings
and the first princely collections of casts from the antique.
11:30 Martin Biddle (University of Oxford), '...makinge of moldes for the
walles...' the stuccoes of Nonsuch: materials, methods, and origins.
11:50 John Kenworthy-Browne (London), The Duke of Richmond' Gallery at
12:10 Christoph Frank (Università della Svizzera italiana, Accademia di
Architettura, Mendrisio), Under Winckelmann's Spell: Presence and
Purpose of Italian Plaster Casts in 18th-Century German and Russian
12:30 Discussion
12:50 Break

Production and distribution of casts Chair: Valentin Kockel (Universität
14:00 Jan Zahle (Copenhagen), Laocoon in Scandinavia' uses
and workshops 587 onwards.
14:20 Charlotte Schreiter (Humboldt-Universtät zu Berlin), Moulded on the
Best Originals of Rome - 18th Century Production of Plaster Casts of
Antique Sculptures and their Trading in Germany.
14:40 Michael Neilson (British Museum), A Lasting Connection: A history of
mould making and casting within the British Museum.
15:10 Discussion
15:30 Break

Academies and plaster casts
Chair: Malcolm Baker (University of Southern California)
16:00 Tomas Macsotay (University of Amsterdam), Plaster Casts and Memory
Technique: The Display of Cast Collections after the Antique in the
French Academies of Paris and Rome (1658-1793).
16:20 Claudia Sedlarz (Akademie der Natur- and Geisteswissenschaften,
Berlin-Brandenburg), The Collection of Plaster Casts of the Berlin Academy
of Arts 1786-1820.
16:40 Elizabeth Fuentes Rojas (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico), Art and Didactics in the
Plaster Cast Collection of the Mexican Academy of San Carlos.
17:00 Discussion

Tuesday, 25 September

Artists and plaster casts I
Chair: Greg Sullivan (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

9:30 Leon Lock (University College London and the Low Countries Sculpture
Society), Picturing the use, collecting and display of plaster
casts in 17th and 18th -century artists; studios in Antwerp and
9:50 Martha Gyllenhaal (Temple University and Bryn Athyn
College), Rembrandt's artful use of plaster casts: New Insights into
seventeenth-century studio practices and working methods.
10:10 Johannes Myssok (Universität Münster, Germany), Modern Sculpture in
the making - Antonio Canova and plaster casts.
10:30 Jean-François Corpataux (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland), Life
Casts as 'maternal devotedness'; in the studio of Marcello.

10:50 Discussion 11:10 Break

Artists and plaster casts II
Chair: Jonathan Wood (Henry Moore Institute, Leeds)
11:40 Sharon Hecker (Milan), Shattering the Mold: Medardo Rosso and the
poetics of plaster.
12:00 Maria Elena Versari (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), 'Impressionism
solidified' Umberto Boccioni's plaster
casts and the definition of modernity in sculpture.
12:20 Sue Malvern (University of Reading), Outside in: The after -life of
the plaster cast in contemporary culture.
12:40 Jane McAdam Freud (Artist/Sculptor, London), Inside out as
process for production - making positive and negatives casts for coins,
medals and reliefs.
13:00 Discussion
13:20 Break

Chair: Daniel Bone (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)
Techniques of conservation
14:30 Angeles Solis, Judit Gasca and Silvia Viana (Real Academia de Bellas
Artes de San Fernando, Madrid), The restoration of two plaster casts
acquired by Velazquez in the XVII century: Hercules and Flora

14:50 Maria Kliafa and Michael Doulgeridis (The National Gallery of
Greece), The contribution of plaster sculptures and casts to
successful conservation interventions.
15:10 Sam Sportun (Liverpool Conservation Technologies), The benefits of
laser cleaning plaster at 1064nm/532nm.
15:30 Discussion
15:50 Break

Models of architecture and collections of casts after gems Chair: Christoph
Frank (Università della Svizzera italiana, Accademia di Architettura,

16:20 Valentin Kockel (Universität Augsburg), Plaster models and
plaster casts of classical architecture and its decoration.
16:40 Daniel Graepler (Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen), The
Dactyliotheca of James Tassie and other Collections of Gem
Impressions at Göttingen University.
17:00 Gertrud Seidmann (Wolfson College, Oxford) and Claudia Wagner (Beazley
Archive, Oxford), A Munificent gift: cast collections of gem impressions
from the Sir Henry Wellcome Trust.

17:20 Discussion
17:40 Close
19.00 Dinner in Worcester College for speakers and delegates.

Wednesday, 26 September

Casting Nations I
Chair: Jan Zahle (Copenhagen)
9:30 Diane Bilbey and Marjorie Trusted (Victoria and Albert Museum,
London), 'The Question of Casts': Collecting and later reassessment
of the cast collections at South Kensington.
9:50 Malcolm Baker (University of Southern California), The Reproductive
Continuum: Plaster Casts, Photographs and Modes of eproduction in the
Nineteenth-Century Museum.
10:10 Dana Stehlikova (The National Museum, Prague), More Valuable than
Originals: The plaster cast collection in the National Museum, Prague.

10:30 Discussion 10:50 Break

Casting Nations II Chair: Marjorie Trusted (Victoria and Albert Museum,
London) 11.10 Tobias Burg (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden),
'Building in Moscow a small Albertinum' The correspondence between Georg
Treu and Ivan
11:40 Stephen L. Dyson (University at Buffalo), Ancient Plasters to American
Shores: Cast Collecting and the Origins of American Classical Archaeology.
12:00 Ian Cooke (London), Colonial Contexts: The
Changing Meanings of the cast collection of the Auckland War Memorial

12:20 Alessandra Menegazzi (Università degli Studi di Padova), The
museum as a manifesto of taste and ideology: the 20th century plaster cast
collection of archaeology and art at the University of Padua.

12:40 Discussion
13:00 Break

Display and future uses of plaster casts
Chair: Rune Frederiksen (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)
14:30 Stephan Schmid (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III), On the
Constitution and Display of the Plaster Cast Collection of
Montpellier University.
14:50 Bernard van den Driessche (University Museum Louvain-la-Neuve;
Association Internationale pour la Conservation et la Promotion des
Moulages), The Garden of Plaster Casts: a different view on Cast
15.10 Helen Dorey (Sir John Soane's Museum, London), From the Apollo
Belvedere and the Pantheon to early 19th century sculpture: Sir John
Soane's casts as part of his Academy of Architecture' at 13
Inn Fields (Sir John Soane's Museum).

15.30 James Perkins (Aynhoe Park), Casts in Contemporary Countryhouses.

15:40 Donna C. Kurtz (Beazley Archive, Oxford), Plastercasts on the
15.45 Discussion
16:30 End of conference

Thursday, 27 September Optional visits to London plaster cast venues,
including the Sir John Soane's Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts.

Conference organizers
Dr Rune Frederiksen, University of Oxford
Professor Donna Kurtz, University of Oxford
Dr Eckart Marchand, University of Reading


Marjorie said…
I am looking for a lead to information about the history of the use of casts, especially Mesopotamian monuments (using cuniform and not), in schools of archeology and other sites.
Mariana Ramos said…
i would like to know if there is any publication of these conference that i can buy or consult anywhere?

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