CFP: The Artefact and Our Text

From H-Museum:

Call for Papers

The Artefact and Our Text
Post-Graduate Conference at The University of Manchester
30th October 2007

How do we conceive the relationship between the text of our criticism and the cultural artefact (e.g.: a film, a novel, a sculpture, the object in the museum...)? We want to explore the ways in which contemporary cultural criticism deals with this problem. We welcome papers from every discipline in the humanities stating how research is influenced by the relationship between our text and the artefact.

We would like to bring as many positions as possible together in order to
enhance dialogue about our methods of cultural enquiry.
The following topics may serve as a guide, but are not exclusive:
. Method and cultural interpretation
. How do I, as an interpreter, face the object
. The importance of understanding the mediation of language in criticism
. The relationship between language and matter
. he materiality of the text/artefact
. Hermeneutics of the cultural object

Papers should be no more than 20 minutes long and abstracts should be
submitted by 5th October 2007 to


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