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Museum Ethnographers' Group Annual UK Conference 2008,
Thursday and Friday 10-11 April 2008
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

Museums of anthropology are supposed to be fascinated by 'the other', the material culture of exotic cultures and remote places, far from the site of the museums. However, the Pitt Rivers Museum is not the only UK ethnographic museum which actually has large ethnographic and archaeological collections from its own country.

This conference will explore the many aspects of museum ethnography at home. It is hoped that participants will explore this theme as widely as possible and it is anticipated that not all of the 'homes' that will be explored will be English or British. Papers might consider the kind of issues that arise when carrying out ethnographic research in a home country or else look at historic research or historic collections of 'home' material.

It is hoped that one of the sessions will be led by Chris Gosden, Professor of European Archaeology at Oxford University, who is currently the leader of an ESRC-funded 3 year research project looking into precisely these issues regarding the large English
collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Other sessions may focus on other museums and collections.

In addition, a 'work in progress' session is planned for up-to-date information on current and on-going projects, this may relate to any field of museum ethnography not just this year's conference theme (informal 5-10 minute presentations are required).

Papers from the conference may be considered for publication in the Journal of Museum Ethnography published annual by the Group.

For further information or to propose papers or sessions contact:
Alison Petch, Pitt Rivers Museum, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PP United Kingdom
Tel: [+44] [0]1865 613007 Email:

The closing date for submissions and abstracts is Friday 1 February 2008.


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