The First Emperor: A Preview

I've been sent an online preview of the BM's new exhibition: The First Emperor. You can access it by clicking here. Oh, and if you pass it onto your mates you're entered into a draw to win a trip to China! The preview certainly creates an atmosphere and a sense of anticipation. Although the exhibition opened last week, it's unlikely I'll get to see it until demand for tickets has died down a bit. I hope it will be worth the wait!

Actually, it looks like it will. The British media has been going CRAZY for the terracotta warriers which feature in the exhibition, and BBC2 broadcast a documentary about its making the other night. Although it was a bit of a superficial introduction to Qin Shihuangdi (the aforementioned 'First Emperor'), it gave an insight into the development of a major exhibition, which was fascinating - from initial discussions about the exhibition narrative, to the engineering work required to construct the gallery space in the Reading Room, to the choice of a Chinese font for text translations.

I'm succumbing to blockbuster exhibition fever!


Ceri said…
I am really excited about this too, BBC History magazine did a big spread on it regarding the Dan Snow programme and then I missed it :(

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