Alternative sources of funding for research students: The list (#1)

Alternative sources of funding for research students

The following is a, by no means comprehensive, list of (usually highly competitive and monetarily limited) alternative funding sources for research students (including those from overseas) studying, or wishing to study, in the UK.

Information about mainstream funding sources are available on the Department of Museum Studies website.

Funding advice may also be sought from the University Welfare Service. (Can also provide info about funding opportunities, including emergency funding, provided by the University.)

* * *

Interest-free loans:

The Society for Promoting the Training of Women
N.B. does not provide assistance for distance-learning courses and to applicants who have been resident in the UK for less than 3 years.


Chevening Scholarships
Enable overseas students to study in the UK.
N.B. Application is via the British Embassy/High Commission or the British Council in your home country.

N.B. The British Council has its own scholarship scheme (open to Commonwealth students), and provides information about other sources of funding for overseas students on its website.

British Federation of Women Graduates
Offers limited (and competitive) scholarships to female UK-based and overseas students studying at doctoral level, as well as an emergency grant scheme for final year students.

Africa Educational Trust
Full and part-time scholarships for students of African descent studying, or wishing to study, in the UK. Also offers a small, emergency grant scheme.

Grants and fellowships:

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
Supports scholarly research on specific themes, namely violence, aggression and dominance. Will support final year PhD students from, and studying in, any country.

Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation
Operates a number of schemes aimed at postgraduate students from Arab states.

* * *

Other sources of funding:

Many UK-based charitable trusts and organisations fund students from particular areas and regions of the UK, and less frequently, the rest of the world. Information about these can be obtained from the Educational Grants Directory (or equivalent, in the rest of the world).

ISBN: 1903991757

Online resources include:

Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS)

British Council

COS (Community of Science)
(N.B. Not restricted to science subjects!)


EducationUK (International students)

Postgraduate Charity Funding Guide
May, 2008 and September 2010


J said…
Thanks, Amy! It "ain't much," but it's a start. One tends to fall through the cracks nevertheless, alas.
Amy said…
Positive Mental Attitude!!! ;)

I should also mention that AXA has just launched a PhD grant scheme, with a focus on the sciences, finance and technology, but there could be some scope there for a museologist of a scientific bent:
Anonymous said…
The EGAS link above is broken. Try instead.

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