Department of Museum Studies Research Seminar Programme: Wednesday 11th June 2008

From Richard Sandell:

I am writing now to remind you of the research seminar that will be held in the Department on Weds 11 June at 1pm.

We are really delighted to have Bernadette Lynch present to us that day on her current research - please see below. Bernadette has pioneered museum practice in this area and the seminar, I am sure, will be stimulating and challenging.

* * *

Radical Participation

Current rhetoric within the museum profession actively promotes and energetically supports audience consultation and participation, but does it really work? As part of a book in preparation entitled Practising Radical Trust: Museums and the Sharing of Authority, Dr. Bernadette Lynch looks at notions of participation and, focusing on recent case studies, engages with psychology and postcolonial studies to examine what’s actually happening within these encounters between museums and their external collaborators. She then looks at models from other sectors to discuss ways museums might face up to the difficult, conflicted and messy implications of ethical partnership work, and its viability in museum practice.


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