CFP: GradBritain (Spring 2009)

Spring Issue of GradBritain: Call for Articles
Deadline: 1st Feb 2009

Feeling the post-Xmas credit crunch blues? Why not earn some cash and amuse yourself (and hopefully others) by penning an article for GradBritain? The article must be no more than 800 words and can be on any aspect of PhD life; be it the joys or pitfalls of doing a PhD, the challenge of finding a job afterwards or your opinions on the state of higher education. Please send all articles as a word attached document saved in your name to

The spring issue will also feature an article on the RAE results, so if you have any gossip or amusing stories (published anonymously of course) involving your university or department and the RAE, we would love to hear from you. Please email

If you haven’t read our Autumn issue, it is just a click away:
Guidelines are also available for authors at:

GRADBritain is a magazine written by and for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) in the United Kingdom. It is published once per academic term (three times per year) and contains articles written by PGRs of all ages and backgrounds from a variety of disciplines in the sciences, arts and humanities.

GRADBritain provides a platform for PGRs throughout the country to share experiences, advice, and ask questions in order to improve the experience of their PhD. On occasion, it may even make you laugh.


Malcolm said…
Dear Attic,

Thanks for introducing yourself! The lab now has a digital friend. All at the New History Lab are very glad to make your acquaintance. You chaps have been at this blog business much longer than us, and your results are rather inspiring. I think one or two of your tribe have been to some of our sessions; if anyone fancies coming to our sessions, they should be very welcome indeed.

In case you hadn’t heard already, or worked out, The New History Lab is the University’s new postgraduate history workshop. Our meetings are very civilized, and comprise of tea and cake, history, and a visit to the pub. They are at 4:30pm on Fridays, and all are very welcome. And we even have rather splendid bubblegum-pink wristbands for attendees.

Our next session, the first of 2009, is on the 30th of January, and there will be two talks on Leicester. We meet at 4:30pm in the seminar room at 1, Salisbury Road (link to a map on the blog). Keep glued to for more details and updates. Any questions, please get in touch.

Amy said…
Thanks for the invite Malcolm. Both Ceri and I are definitely planning to come along on the 30th and to as many of the other sessions as possible. I will see if I can encourage the rest of our (very small) band to tag along too. Who can resist tea, cake, pubs and Tristram Hunt, eh? ;)
Malcolm said…
Great! I look forward to meeting for real!

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