Resolutions for 2009

So, dear Readers, what are your resolutions for 2009? Mine is to submit my PhD before Easter and, dammit, I'm going to do it!!!


J said…
Lose weight. The sickness-of-doom (tm) I've just had has helped, and the amount of stuff to do that has piled up and was originally planned for January will help, too. Stress is my cardio.
Ceri said…
My resolutions for 2009 are...

Continue to take part in the wonderful PhD community at Leicester and its weird and wonderful social events

Boycott bottled water and Coca Cola (after reading an article in the Independent which opened my eyes to the senseless waste committed by the corporations behind them)

Boycott chocolate (tough - third time attempted)

No new clothes - all must be second hand or in creative emergencies only

Be more spontaneous :D
Amy said…
We ought to revisit these at the end of 2009 to see how we got on!

Cezza - you'll find it hard to wean yourself off Coca-Cola. Four years have passed since a drop passed my lips, but I could still so easily cave in at any moment!

Having had a few days to reflect on it, I'd like to add a few things to my list.

- get fit (yeah, I walk everywhere, but I think my bod is getting used to it: need to shake it up with some new form of exercise).

- save £50 each month towards my post-PhD travel fund.

- I need think about trying to replicate Ceri's fashion resolution, but really I think it's unrealistic for me. I would be satisfied if I could go Primark cold least until the new season clothes arrive. ;)

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