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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Department of Museum Studies: Brown Bag Seminar Series

Brown bag seminar - all welcome!
28th January 1pm LR1 at Dept of Museum Studies 105 Princess Road East

The Personal Inquiry project: bridging the school's science lab to the home

Dr Stamatina Anastopoulou
Learning Sciences Research Institute
University of Nottingham

The PI: Personal Inquiry project, a joint project between the University of Nottingham and the Open University, is developing a new approach to 'Personal Scripted Inquiry Learning' as a learning experience where children are engaged in a scientific process of gathering and assessing evidence, conducting experiments, visualising rich information, and engaging in informed debate. Technology is put, literally, in the hands of the learners, so that they contribute to data collection, not just in the lab but in their everyday life, and they take some responsibility, collaboratively, for its authority and provenance.

The technology is designed in the form of a personalised learning toolkit, supporting mobile and contextual learning, with handheld and desktop technology between formal and informal settings. The seminar will focus on the first case study across a school classroom and the home of year 9 students of a local Nottingham school, using a first prototype of the personal learning toolkit. The case study is going to take place in November 2008. The main aim of the study is to incorporate inquiry learning activities within an extended school science environment in order to investigate opportunities for technological mediations and to extract guidelines for the design of personal technology to link inquiry learning across different settings. A set of evaluation activities will be carried out, the outcomes of which will be discussed in the seminar. We will also discuss our insights for the development of the technology to support the learning activities and how such technologies could be appropriated as tools for learning.

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