Web searches #1

For your delectation, some amusing, unusual and downright disturbing searches by which teh interwebs have delivered people to The Attic (thanks to Sitemeter).

Is doing a PhD tough? (In a word, yes)

Senior exhibitionist video (think about it - disturbing, non?)

Should I love in Leicester (if you are an attractive, single, heterosexual man in his early thirties - yes!)

Tidbits to ponder (the mind boggles)

Webcomic short woman works in museum (Any ideas?)

Is the museum a good first date? (Yes, hint hint.)

Military campus life poems (I can't even begin to imagine.)

PhD forum despair (perhaps we need some more upbeat stories of hope to balance things out?)

PhD viva horror stories (ditto)

Ben Miller fancy (?)

Brain decline (yes)

Collecting love objects (eugh)

Curioser and curioser (oh yes!)

East Anglian taciturn (well, that *is* what my French teacher wrote on my report.)

Effect of Facebook on academics (failed PhDs)

Henry VIII leg (it was gouty)

Famous people who have been to New Walk Museum (it's on the A list's regular circuit)


J said…
I laughed so hard I snorted. Just goes to show that searching is not a science!
Ceri said…
OHMIgod these are so funny!! It is like the Internet has become the Oracle of the 21st Century

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