Call for Papers: Novelty

Issue 1 - "Novelty"

This call is for the first issue of Critical Contemporary Culture.

Critical Contemporary Culture is a student-led, peer review journal devoted to the strengthening and development of the study of culture. It is an environment in which students and non-students can engage with one another in critical dialogue about contemporary culture.

As an innovative digital presence Critical Contemporary Culture would like to use its first issue to invite essays on novelty in contemporary culture. This issue will be on what it means to be novel, or to explore the new, in the contemporary moment.

Are we obsessed by novelty? Is newness is at the heart of today’s over consumption and hyper-individualization? Is novelty creative and resistant? Is novelty a means of movement beyond ontological, disciplinary and institutional boundaries, towards more radically humanist forms?

How novelty plays out in contemporary culture is the focus of the first issue of Critical Contemporary Culture.

This issue aims to bring articles from both the humanities and social sciences together with works produced by artists and cultural practitioners. We are particularly interested in essays and works that are concerned with ‘novelty’.

Critical Contemporary Culture is calling for submissions from students and cultural practitioners. It is calling for essays, art works, installations, narratives and other media.

We welcome submissions from all areas of research, cultural production and practice including but not limited to: sociology; anthropology; economics; history; geography; dramatic and performing arts; literary studies; music and dance.


· Essays should be submitted in Word format.
· Other media can be submitted in the following formats: jpeg, mpeg, mov, mp3, avi and others by discussion with

For submission guidelines please see


The deadline for abstracts is November 13th 2010

The final submissions deadline is December 13th 2010

Abstracts should be no more that 300 words in length and should be submitted, in Word format,


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