Access Art Call for Participation

AccessArt is offering schools and community groups the opportunity to work with creative practitioners to get creative, hands-on making back into schools.

AccessArt has always been keen to create opportunities for children who enjoy learning through doing, especially through activities which promote skills in handling and manipulating materials, using tools and thinking creatively.We want to give children the chance to become more confident, dexterous and articulate in the way they translate their thinking into action. Using tools to manipulate without fear of injury, understanding which materials can work best for which jobs, and feeling a sense of ownership in the processes and outcomes, are all important qualities which all too often children simply do not get the opportunity to experience.

So what is Tool Box?Tool Box is about enabling all these things, through active, social learning.AccessArt is looking for schools and community groups in the Eastern area (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire) to work with us to pilot an exciting project which provides the chance for children (8 to 16) to get to grips with new processes, materials and ideas. Working alongside creative practitioners, children will be challenged to work in small groups to brainstorm, design, make and test a series of games which can be used at a school fair/community fete as money raisers. Children will be taught and supervised in the use of a wide variety of low-tech materials and tools, as a way of enabling their creative ideas. Children from many schools/community groups will then be able to enter their work, and prizes given for the most imaginative, best prototype, and most popular.The Tool Box project will provide an opportunity for your school or group to work with creative practitioners outside school hours (lunchtime or after school) and to work with award-winning AccessArt to help shape the future Tool Box resource which will then remain on the AccessArt site for others across the country to use.

To register your interest, please visit

Paula Briggs
Creative Director
01223 262134


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