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I hate to say it, but I think we've gotten too popular. Our stats for how people find us have gotten significantly more relevant and far less outrageously funny. However, Alum Amy will be happy to hear that one of the top search terms is "celebrities with PhDs". No doubt, this is a reference to our own Dr Barnes, of innertoobs fame.
We are still doing helpful work for the lovelorn out there: "date at museum" continues to bring us up. Perhaps relatedly, " the body is a material object" seems to be a popular search term. It's certainly a multi-sensory experience, though we aren't keen on being objectified. "Object as body" is a little more disturbing, though lends credence to those critics out there who decry museums as fetishistic!
If you found us via a very unrelated search term, let us know! We love all things esoteric!


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