A History of the World in 100 Objects

Have you ever taken a look at the full list of the 100 objects? If you have, then you must have spotted that the very last one, object 100, is just a question mark.

That’s because when they came up with the series, Neil MacGregor and the producers decided that if they were doing a chronological history from 2 million years BC to the present day, then the final object should be from the 2010. So they left it teasingly blank....

...Any ideas? We want to know what you think. Yes, it’s a classic ‘answers on a postcard’ question. Except please don’t send us a postcard. Instead we’ve made a page for you to leave your ideas - or you can tweet them using #objectoftoday and we’ll pick them up.

Read more here. Stephen Fry talks too...


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