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Addressing contemporary issues in museums and galleries: ‘Frames of Refuge’ at The Lightbox

Tuesday 23 November 2010
Museum Studies Lecture Hall
School of Museum Studies

Join us for a conversation with Rib Davis, Special Projects Manager at The Lightbox, Woking, about their ‘Frames of Refuge’ project. Museum of the Year in 2008, winner of the Art Fund Prize for Museums and Galleries, The Lightbox has emerged from over a decade of community activity and engagement. Since opening in 2007, they have addressed a number of contemporary issues through their projects and exhibitions to wide acclaim.

Part of MLA’s national Their Past Your Future 2 programme - looking at how young people can increase their understanding of the impact of war and conflict - ‘Frames of Refuge’ brought together young people with refugees and asylum seekers to create, edit and produce a film and exhibition exploring the lives, and often traumatic, experiences of refugees and asylum seekers who come to the UK. Central to the project was challenging the students’ – and the general public’s - views of refugees and asylum seekers by presenting an alternative to the often misleading and negative perceptions that are present in media reporting on the subject. Significantly, this project represented the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers through their own voices.

As well as talking to Rib, we will be showing the film and there will be a chance to ask questions and find out more about the work of The Lightbox. We look forward to seeing you there.


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