Society for Medieval Archaeology Careers Day

Society for Medieval Archaeology Careers Day, 10th November at the University of Leicester.

The day was really born out of the success of the Careers Question Time session at the SMA Post Grad Colloquium in February. The Society decided to organise a day that will specifically discuss careers for archaeology and history students in the heritage sector during this difficult time. During the session in February, students raised concerns about several key issues that are troubling them, namely a lack of job opportunities and poor wages. The Careers Day in Leicester would like to open this discussion out further, and offer practical advice and support to students and recent graduates and the great thing is it is free to all SMA members! This is will be achieved by running three sessions:

Session 1: Careers Question Time

This will follow the same format as the session in February. Like its name sake Question Time, a panel of experts will face questions put to it by the audience members. In this case it is professionals in the heritage sector facing questions from students, and will be chaired by the SMA Student Rep Jill Campbell. Students can either submit questions with the booking form or ask them on the day. Please visit the society website (or see attachment) for a list, plus career biography of all those participating in this session.

Session 2: Personal Development

This section is designed so that students are able to have some one-to-one time with professionals in both the field they are interesting in pursuing, but also to get the opportunity to learn about careers within the discipline that they may never have considered. Academics, finds specialists, museums, historians, county and commercial archaeologists will all be present, alongside representatives from the IfA, English Heritage and BAJR who can discuss bursaries and other such opportunities. The University of Leicester Careers Service will also be present to discuss more practical issues such as writing covering letters, C.V.’s and getting work experience. There will also be stalls present for organisations and booksellers.

Session 3: Key Note Lecture – Carenza Lewis, University of Cambridge

If you would be interested in attending this day, then please visit or the SMA website for more details.

Best wishes,

Jill Campbell
SMA Student Rep


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