Future Curators Project

I've just come across this amazing sounding project from the British Museum. Why do these things arise at the wrong time for me? Anyways, here's the information for those of you who DO need a job, and are looking for somthing in this field. Good luck Attic Readers, let us know if you get anywhere!

Future curators is a unique and exciting project which will offer trainees the opportunity to spend a total of 18 months at two UK museums where they will gain in-depth knowledge of the museum sector as well as an accredited diploma in curatorship.

Trainees will spend six months on placement at the British Museum and a further 12 months at a partner museum, working as a valuable addition and active member of both organisations’ collections teams.

Through formal training and gaining on-the-job experience, the trainee will acquire specific collections knowledge, an extensive range of curatorial and transferable skills, and a large network of valuable professional contacts enabling them to lay the foundations for a successful future career in the heritage sector.

For more info, and to apply, click HERE


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