Museum Education Monitor wants you!

ave you recently completed a dissertation or thesis or major paper on a
subject related to museum education or interpretation? Do you know someone
who has? Maybe you're already on the MEM list! Check it out at

MUSEUM EDUCATION MONITOR (MEM), the e-newsletter, is celebrating recently
completed (2009-2010) major papers, theses and dissertations in the upcoming
January 2011 issue.

If you or your colleague wish to share completed work with others around the
world, please send an e-mail to that includes:
- name
- title of work
- year completed
- level achieved (M.A., Ph.D., Ed.D. etc.)
- school & department
- advisor/supervisor
- contact information
- brief abstract [no more than 50 words, please]
- URL, if the paper is available electronically

All listings are displayed in their language of origin but an English
translation of title is appreciated. Deadline for the January issue is
Friday, January 14.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about this call or to discuss
your research. Look forward to hearing from you!


Luggage said…
Thank you for posting this, I think that one of the most difficult things is finding out how to get your work out to the rest of the world and get published!
Chris Castle said…
I'll add my thanks for posting! FYI, I received info on 29 theses/dissertations that will be listed in the January issue of Museum Education Monitor (MEM). The MEM offers a free one-year subscription to students, Apply at Or follow daily postings during February on the MEM Facebook Page and Twitter @mchriscastle

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