ICOM ICFA Annual Conference 2012, Moscow (Russia)

ICOM International Committee for Museum and Collections of Fine Arts, ICFA
September 30 - October 5, 2012

Organized by ICOM Russia
Hosted by the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the State Tretyakov Gallery

This international conference will focus on the theme “Museums of Fine Arts: Arial of Existence, Spheres of Influence”. We expect proposals for presentations, which analyse current issues in the field of museum complexes: principles of functioning, management and development.
Museum complex includes a number of premises with permanent displays, exhibition  spaces, storages, research and restoration studios, libraries and archives, education  centers, administrative offices. An important part is museum infrastructure with cafes, museum shops, recreation zones and so on. How effectively and on what grounds and principles to plan the museum complexes structure, functioning dislocation, type of management, and concepts of development?

Museums and museum enterprises.

Activity of museum complexes and marketing of museum services.

Visual identification: architecture, design.

Museums and society.

Museum and city.

Submissions can be:

Research papers presentations are invited to break new ground, present new insight, and a research contribution. 20 minutes
Theme papers report practical results and contribute to one of the points mentioned above. 15 minutes

Project papers present new projects or perspective plans of museum complexes, quarters and areas development. 20 minutes
Videos or alternative media to be shown during the sessions or breaks. No longer than 8 minutes and have a brief text summary

Speakers should attempt to present a critical reflection on their research, observations, study cases.

Proposal deadline May 1, 2012
The official language of the conference – English with simultaneous translation into Russian during the working sessions.


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