Knowing Our Past, Shaping Our Future: What’s Next for Visitor Studies?

As the VSA conference celebrates its 25th anniversary, weinvite you to join us in reflecting on our past, celebrating our achievements,and envisioning how our current work can transform the future of culturalinstitutions and their communities. Visitor Studies has grown from a passionategroup of research-practitioners to a burgeoning field that includes culturalleaders, designers, funders, and policy-makers. In this milestone year, VSAwill discuss how visitor studies can help shape and support the role of museumswithin our increasingly diverse and complex societies.

The 2012 conference will offer a dynamic environment to engage with thosewho created VSA’s past and contribute to charting VSA’s future. Keynotespeakers include Dan Spock from the Minnesota Historical Society and AlisonKadlec from Public Agenda. Evening events will take us to a variety of North Carolina’s best cultural institutions.

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