Museological Review Issue 16: Curiouser and Curiouser now available

One year later, the special conference issue of Museological Review (16: Curiouser and Curiouser) is now available for download. The contents are as follows:
Letter from the Editors
Guðrún D. Whitehead Looking through the Looking Glass
Željka Miklošević and Darko Babić Institution for Mass Psychotherapy
Lazarus Gent Can Museums Heal? Can Museums Hoard?
Toner M. Stevenson Observing the Less Visible: Alice takes on Astronomy
Guðrún D. Whitehead (photographs) Green’s Mill, Nottingham
Bridget Millmore Funny Money:Eighteenth Century Humorous ‘Evasions’ An imaginative way of circumventing the counterfeiting laws
Nhora Lucía Serrano Grande Exhibitions’ Traveling Museum: A Modern Cabinet of Curiosity
Rebecca Reynolds The Promise of Other Rooms
Mariana Lamas and Eduardo Giménez-Cassina Super Ghost Me: Stories from the ‘Other Side’ of the Museum
Elee Kirk, Julia Petrov and Dan O’Donnell-SmithApocalypse Then


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