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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Material Culture Review: Call for Exhibition Reviews

Material Culture Review/Revue de la culture matérielle (MCR/RCM) is
currently seeking original scholarly exhibition reviews for publication in
its next special issue, UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding
of IntangibleCultural Heritage.

The deadline for consideration is August 1, 2013.

MCR/RCM is Canada's only scholarly journal dedicated to the study of
material culture. It documents cultural artifacts, describing their
historical context and role in society. MCR is published twice annually by
Cape Breton University Press in Sydney, Nova Scotia in partnership with the
Canada Research Chair in Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Just as exhibitions are a major form of research in material culturestudies,
exhibition reviews are an important feature of MCR/RCM. The purpose of
reviews is to recognize the significance of such research, to extend the
impact of certain exhibitions beyond the museum setting and to stimulate
debate in the academic and museum communities about the value of
exhibitions. Reviewers should assume that readers might not have seen the
exhibition and so should include a brief description of the exhibition, an
assessment of the objectives of the exhibition and a critique of how well
those aspirations are met. Reviewers are encouraged to include commentary
on how an exhibition may differ or resemble other exhibitions or books on a
subject or theme. In some cases, curators and/or others responsible for
assembling an exhibit may be invited to respond to a review. Photographs of
objects or art work included in the exhibition or the installation may be
included in the publication. Comparative reviews are also possible.

Preference will be given to reviews that discuss exhibition strategies
and/or curatorial approaches to intangible cultural heritage.

Typical length is 10-15 pages.

Please submit electronic files to:
For more information about the journal and submission guidelines please

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