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Greetings from Berlin X

Macht Kunst – An Exhibition for All

In April the„DeutscheBank KunstHalle“ invited artists living in Berlin to exhibit one of their works, advertising such its new exhibition hall. The response was overwhelming: more than 2.000 people – professionals and laypersons – brought their creations to present them to the public. The exhibition was shown twice for 24 hours and the Berlin audience came in flocks. 

I liked the democratic approach of this project and visited the second venue. Zest was added by the wild mixture of the art works, concerning technique, topics and quality. The hanging of the pictures expressed no value judgment. Thus visitors were left to their own devices. I found it challenging to reflect why I loved one artwork and hated the other. 

One painting dared me extremely. I was torn between disgust and enthusiasm and decided finally that I found it gorgeous, because of the sheer joy expressed and the careful workmanship. I was happy to read in the newspaper afterwards that the artist, Nicolas Fontaine, had won one of the awards funded by the Deutsche Bank. 

Painting by Nicolas Fontaine
  The Deutsche Bank is thinking about repeating the project because of its success.


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