Museum Metamorphosis Exhibition - Call for Artists


 Exhibition at the School of Museum Studies

University of Leicester

We are offering exhibition space to four artists who are interested in visually interpreting objects from the collection of New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester through a 2D or 3D medium of their choosing. Each of the four displays must respond to the concept of ´Metamorphosis.’

It will be the artist´s responsibility to visit New Walk Museum & Art Gallery and select one object from the permanent collection to interpret it through the visual medium of their choice. In their submission to this brief, artists will need to include specific information on this object they have chosen, the concept  for their interpretation of this object and ideas for their new artwork. General information about the collection can be found on the website:
If selected to work on this project, artists will need to also include digital images of their artistic process in creating their work for possible display within the School of Museum Studies building.

Context of the Exhibition

Current PhD students of the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and staff of New Walk Museum & Art Gallery are working together to organise a conference, entitled ‘Museum Metamorphosis’, which will focus on how museums change and are changed.  The conference will take place at the School of Museum Studies on 5 and 6 November 2013.

The conference will be complemented by an exhibition in the School of Museum Studies that will be on display from 30 September 2013 – 28 February 2014.  The exhibition, also entitled ‘Museum Metamorphosis’, will include artists’ interpretations of objects from the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

The main audience for the exhibition will be people who use the School of Museum Studies building, including academic staff, Masters and PhD students, visiting scholars and museum professionals, and attendees of the 'Museum Metamorphosis' conference.


The exhibition will be promoted via the local press and relevant mailing lists. Details of the exhibition will also be included in the conference programme and on the conference website:
How to apply
Please submit the following information by the 9th of July 2013 via email to:
·     Details of one object of your choosing from the permanent collection of New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester
·     Written concept of your planned artwork, clearly demonstrating the concept of ´Metamorphosis’ (maximum 200 words)
·     Preliminary sketches demonstrating your concept
·     Up to four examples of your previous work. We can accept images via email, or web links to website/online portfolio/facebook
·     Biography  (maximum 150 words) and contact details: name, mobile number and address
Selection criteria
     Creative and original approach to the interpretation of one object from the permanent collection of the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
     Clear demonstration of the concept and process of 'Metamorphosis', showing the transformation and changes from the chosen object to the final artistic creation
     High artistic quality of submission and response to the specific issues of this brief
Applicants will be selected from the supporting information submitted. The selection panel will be made up of representatives from the School of Museum Studies and New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester. 
Applicants must be available for the installation during week beginning  23 September 2013.
The School of Museum Studies has four cases: three downstairs in the foyer and one upstairs.  We would like each artist to fill one case each. Interpretation panels and labels will be designed by the artists in collaboration with the School of Museum Studies. The exhibition will be installed by the artists during week beginning  23 September 2013 with support from the exhibition organisers.
Dimensions of Cases
Case 1: Main Foyer (Large Inca): 1950 display width, 930 glass shelf width, 630 display depth, 610 glass shelf depth, overall height 2200, case height 1725, visible glass height 1475
Case 2: Main Foyer (Right - Double Sided): 1190 case width, 1470 case height, 590 case depth
Case 3: Main Foyer (Left - Built-in): 925 display width, 344 display depth, 1388 case height
Case 4: First floor lobby (Backed): 1190 case width, 1470 case height, 550 case depth
Each artist will receive £200 including VAT, which includes time spent choosing an object from New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester, creating the artworks and any materials or expenses incurred for the creation of their own artworks. This will be paid on receipt of invoice following the exhibition´s installation. Artists should be registered as self-employed and will be responsible for their own Tax and NI. Artists will need to have their own public liability insurance. The artists will also get to keep their work after the exhibition is over.
Insurance of each display must be covered by the artist’s own insurance provision.
Feedback about the exhibition will be collected from a range of visitors, and the resulting evaluation report will be shared with participating artists.
For further information please contact Romina Delia and Laura Diaz Ramos.
Please note: the deadline for all applications is  9th of July 2013


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