Materiality & Intangibility: Provisional programme

I am delighted to be able to post the provisional timetable for our PhD symposium Materiality & Intangibility: Contested Zones. There's plenty of delegate places left! See the flyer and booking form for more details.


Materiality and Intangibility: Contested Zones
A two-day international symposium for PhD students and early career researchers.
Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December 2009.

Day 1
10.00am WELCOME (Dr Richard Sandell, Head of the School of Museum Studies)
10.30am KEYNOTE: Dr Sandra Dudley (University of Leicester)
11.30am Davies – Are we all curators now?
12.00pm Gestsson & Iervolino – An attempt to challenge the role of Art in the Public Sphere: embarking on a “journey” with a contemporary artwork

12.30pm LUNCH

2.00pm Visit to Live Art Event
2.30pm Fitzpatrick – Offerings at the Wall: An exploration of the artefacts from the Vietnam veterans’ war memorial Washington
3.00pm Wang – Looking for the subjectivity of British-Chinese in English Museums

3.30pm TEA & COFFEE

3.45pm Pieren, Lester & Marchant – Filling the void between museum displays and cultural identities to empower museum visitors
4.15pm Owain – Dynamic Music and Myths: DVD content as object.
5.00pm Visit to Live Art Event

6.30pm Group Dinner/Social Event
Day 2

9.30am TEA & COFFEE

10.00am KEYNOTE: Dr Kostas Arvanitis (University of Manchester)
11.00am McKenzie – From the Contested Zone: String figures in the museum.
11.30am Scott & Vine - Crafting the Viewer’s Experience: Digitizing the Maya
12.00pm Visit to Live Art Event

12.30pm LUNCH

2.00pm Moore – The Material in the Immaterial: An archive of 1930’s film from Angola and Namibia, and contemporary physical and material responses
2.30pm Wade – The Unknowable Exhibition: using the archive to reconstruct the 1839 Leeds Public Exhibition of Works of Art, Science, Natural History, and Manufacturing Skill
3.00pm Powell – Curating Chances

3.30pm TEA & COFFEE

3.45pm Gadsby – The Affect of Encouraging Emotional Values in the Interpretation of Real Objects
4.15pm Woodall – Lost and Found: The Mary Grey Collection
5.00pm KEYNOTE: Emeritus Professor Susan Pearce (University of Leicester)
5.45pm CLOSE


Anonymous said…
Is there any possibility the proceedings will be podcast or otherwise made available after the event?

Curator in the US who can't attend :-(
The Attic said…
Hopefully Anon - keep an eye on The Attic over the coming weeks for more details.

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