CFP: City Museums and the future of the city

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Call for Papers

City Museums and the future of the city
Seoul, Museum of History
6-8 October 2008

CAMOC's next conference will be in Seoul, South Korea on 6-8 October 2008. It will be hosted by the Seoul Museum of History It will be our fourth conference after Moscow, Boston and Vienna. It will be open not only to museum professionals, but to all those who are interested and involved in cities and urban living.

The conference will be about the contribution that museums about the city can make to the city's future and it will explore a variety of topics within this general theme though formal presentations, panel discussions and workshops. The conference organisers are looking forward to different perspectives and wish to explore ways that museums can work with all those groups and individuals who are shaping the future of cities. They are keen therefore that the conference will be open to a wide range of organisations and individuals who can provide these different perspectives.

Call for papers

We are now calling for papers which will address the general theme of the conference. Papers, which can take the form of case studies, should be of publishable standard and authors are asked to give CAMOC the right to publish their paper following the conference.

Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes and as delegates will be coming from a variety of countries and using different languages we are encouraging the use of visual images wherever possible.

The main language of the conference will be English.

Abstracts, which should not exceed 300 words, should be sent to Ian Jones at by 31 March 2008 at the latest. Abstracts will be submitted to our editorial committee and a decision on their suitability will be made by the end of April.

More information will be provided soon about the programme as well as details of the registration fee.


The latest International Committee to be set up is CAMOC: the International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities. It owes its origins to the initiative of Moscow City Museum and museum professionals in other countries who felt the need for a Committee which would focus on museums of the city. The Committee also reflects the growing focus world wide on cites: their economic importance, their spectacular growth and the problems and possibilities they present. The matters for debate on the city are almost endless: pollution, regeneration, the private car, public transport, the flight to the suburbs, the destruction of heritage, insensitive development. The Committee aims to be at the centre of this debate, not least through supporting and encouraging museums of cities in their work of collecting, preserving and presenting original material on the city's past, present and future, work which can reinforce the city's identity and contribute to its development. The Committee was approved by ICOM's Executive Council during the ICOM General Conference held in Seoul in October 2004. Then, at a meeting in Moscow in April 2005 organised by Irina Smagina and her colleagues at Moscow City Museum delegates from 13 countries drafted the Committee's aims and objectives and elected an Executive Board.


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