The Museum Studies Research Seminar Series 07/08: Programme for semester 2

The Museum Studies Research Seminar Series 2007/8

The Museum Studies Research Seminar is an informal ‘brown bag’ (bring a sandwich!) group that meets at least once every two to four weeks, on Wednesdays at 1.00pm, in the Lecture Room at 105 Princess Road East (PRE). Museum Studies is an inter-disciplinary field and all are welcome. Refreshments served.

For further details, or to join the email list, please contact Viv Golding.

16 January
2008 Organising team: Sandra Dudley & Ann Brysbaert
External Speaker: Louise Tythacott
(University of Manchester, Lecturer)
Title tba

30 January
2008 Organising team: Richard Sandell & Jocelyn Dodd
Internal Speakers: Richard Sandell & Jocelyn Dodd
(University of Leicester)
Title: Rethinking Disability Representation

13 February 2008 Organising team: Giasemi Vavoula & Ross Parry
Internal Speaker: Giasemi Vavoula
(University of Leicester, Lecturer)
Title: Mobile Learning

23 April
2008 Organising team: Ann Brysbaert & Sandra Dudley
Internal PhD Speaker: Anna Woodham
(University of Leicester)
Title: Museums and social inclusion: exploring the geography of school visits to museums

14 May
2008 Organising team: Ross Parry & Giasemi Vavoula
External Speaker Professor Stephen Brown
(Professor of Learning Technologies and Director of Knowledge Media Design, De Montfort University)
Title: Rethinking GLOs

11 June
2008 Organising team: Jocelyn Dodd & Richard Sandell
External Speaker, Bernadette Lynch
(Manchester Museum)
Title: Practicing Radical Trust: Museums and the Sharing of Authority

18 June
2008 Organising team: Suzanne MacLeod & Viv Golding
Internal Speaker: Suzanne MacLeod
Title: Spatial, social and professional change at the Walker Art Gallery 1877-1933


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