Festive Fun!

On Tuesday, 11th December 2007, those of us in Leicester had a pre-Christmas get together, along similar lines to our other recent social events: we've had museum crawls and ghost crawls, and now a Christmas Dinner crawl! Starting off at Anna and Ceri's house we warmed up with mugs of mulled wine and spiced apple juice, and partake of our delicious pea soup starter, as created by Anna. Next stop was the favourite Museum Studies haunt, the Lansdowne, for a quick drink, and the onto Pippa's, for our main course of seasonal Chicken Casserole provided by Sid and gratefully received by all. Our final course of the evening was back at Anna's and Ceri's for more spiced apple and Ceri's lovely Apple and Raspberry Crumble. A fantastic evening was had by all, as this selection of photos testifies!


Ceri said…
Good selection of pictures there Amy!

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