You Are What YOU Do

Several of us, including myself, are spending a lot of time at the moment pondering the BIG question, i.e. exactly how will my research benefit anyone (apart from our self-indulgent selves)? Now, while we all know, as Pippa said to me the other day, that we are contributing to the body of world knowledge, sometimes we need a motivation a little less abstract, and a little more tangible. So, to compensate, I propose that we all stop worrying about the validity and future importance of our individual research projects, and concentrate of making the world a better place, little by little, through our everyday actions (I can feel the hippy in me rising to the fore, as I type!). To help I've found a great movement + website called We Are What We Do which is, according to the blurb on the website
a new movement inspiring people to use their everyday actions to change the world. We're not talking moving big mountains. More of a gentle nudge from the corner desk. A little prod from the sofa. A gentle push from the PE room.So go on then! Track an action, share, connect.

Sounds good to me. Together we can make the world a better place. *pass the sick bucket*


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