Book Review Opportunity

Journal of Museum Ethnography: books available for review

Deadline: 15 August 2008
Please address queries to: Claire Warrior, Senior Curator of Exhibitions, National Maritime Museum

Brown, Alison K. 2008. Material histories. ISBN 97809511311-4-4. Aberdeen: Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen. Paperback.

Keurs, Pieter ter. 2007. Condensed reality: a study of material culture. ISBN 978905789112-0. Leiden: CNWS Publications. Paperback.

Keurs, Pieter ter (ed.). 2007. Colonial collections revisited. ISBN 978905789152-6. Leiden: CNWS Publications. Paperback.

King, J.C.H. and Christian F. Feest (eds.). 2007. Three centuries of Woodlands Indian art. ISBN 978398116200-4. Altenstadt: ZFK Publishers. Paperback.

Mack, John. 2007. The art of small things. ISBN 978971415046-8. London: British Museum Press. Hardback.

Price, Sally. 2007. Paris Primitive: Jacques Chirac's Museum on the Quai Branly. ISBN 978-0226680682. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Paperback.

Rawson, Jessica (ed.). 2007. The British Museum Book of Chinese Art. London: British Museum Press. ISBN 978071412446-9. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Stanley, Nick (ed.). 2007. The future of indigenous museums: perspectives from the southwest Pacific. ISBN: 9781845451882. Oxford: Berghahn Books. Hardback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Weaver, Stephanie. 2007. Creating great visitor experiences: a guide for museums, parks, zoos, gardens, & libraries. ISBN 978159874169-8. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. Paperback.


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