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Monday, March 31, 2008

Publications: The Public Historian, 30:1

From H-Museum:

The Public Historian Volume 30, Number 1 (2008)

Special Issue: Sites of Conscience: Opening Historic Sites for Civic Dialogue


University of California Press Journals and Digital Publishing is proud to announce the publication of a special issue of The Public Historian, the official journal of the National Council on Public History. "Sites of Conscience: Opening Historic Sites for Civic Dialogue," (Volume 30, Number 1) is concerned with the ways in which society's response to museums, memorials, and historical sites can grow from passive observation to active engagement.

Says editor Randolph Bergstrom in his introduction, "Public historians are coming to recognize that their sites can be more than important places of encountering the past. Astute practitioners are learning to use the distinct opportunity these sites afford to promote civic engagement." This issue, available today, features the following essays from members of the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience:

The Reconstruction of Memory at Constitution Hill
Churchill Madikida, Lauren Segal, and Clive van den Berg

Places of Memory as a Tool for Education: The "Peace in Four Voices Summer Camps" at Monte Sole
Nadia Baiesi, Marzia Gigli, Elena Monicelli, and Roberta Pellizzoli

The Museum as a Democracy-Building Institution: Reflections on the Shared Journeys
Program at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Maggie Russell-Ciardi

The District Six Museum: An Ordinary People's Place
Valmont Layne

Challenges on the Road to Memory
Maria Laura Guembe

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