Workshop/CFP: Representation (Key Concepts in Tourism Research)

Call for Contributions:
“Representation” – Workshop“Key Concepts in Tourism Research” Series
8/9 May 2008
Leeds/ UK

Keynote: David Crouch, University of Derby
“The Problems with Representation: Consumption, Space and Images”

This workshop is part of the “Key Concepts in Tourism Research” series. This series focuses on the concepts Experience, Exchange, Memory and Representation, as much research in the field of tourism addresses at least one of these concepts. Although these concepts are very popular, it is not always clear what they actually refer to, and how we may grasp them in, or through, our research. Therefore, the PhD-students at the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University took the initiative to organize a workshop series on key concepts in tourism research. During the spring term of 2008, four two-day workshops will focus, respectively, on Exchange, Memory, Representation and Experience.

Other workshops in this series will be:

13/14 March 2008 Workshop “Experience”
Keynote: Claudio Minca, University of London
“After the Island: the hard work of being (with) tourists”

3/4 April 2008 Workshop “Exchange”
Keynote: Keith Hart, Goldsmith College London
"On commoditization: exchange in the human economy"

17/18 April 2008 Workshop “Memory”
Keynote: Sharon MacDonald, Manchester University
“Memory, Materiality and Tourism”

This workshop series is open to PhD-students from all disciplines. Its philosophy is to generate an interdisciplinary dialogue based on short paper presentations by the workshop participants. The contributions do not necessarily have to be polished conference papers; contributors may also present ideas, work in progress or critical reviews. To promote lively and engaged discussion, draft copies of all presentations shall be circulated among the workshop participants ten days in advance. Each workshop will be jointly led by a team of CTCC PhD students and an invited academic with wider expertise in the respective topic. This invited expert will also give a keynote address situating this topic and opening the discussion. Based on these introductions, we will explore different meanings and approaches to the concepts in question. By bringing together PhD students and leading academics from different academic institutions and disciplinary backgrounds, this workshop series constitutes a unique opportunity to get feedback on theoretical reflections and work in progress. It will allow the exchange of ideas, the clarification of epistemological stances and the building of networks among PhD-students.

Cost: £20.00 for one workshop. You can also register for all four workshops for £60.00.

Please register for the workshop “Experience” or not later than 6 April 2008 by either sending an abstract of no more than 200 words explaining how you intend to relate to the topic of the workshop. Please note that the deadline for submission of the papers and contributions for this workshop is 27 April 2008. E-Mail:

Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change
Faculty of Arts & Society
Leeds Metropolitan University
Old School Board
Calverley Street
Leeds LS1 3ED


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