An Attic Advent: 3rd December

Less Is More Mug
Designed by Build x Design Museum, 2009


Part of the Design Museum Shop’s exclusive product range, this mug bears one of our most favourite design maxims; “Less Is More”.

You will be sure to drink more tea when you own this mug, so perhaps add less sugar, to reflect the maxim effectively.

The phrase “Less Is More” is commonly attributed to architect Mies Van Der Rohe and is often referred to in discussions of anything relating to Modernism. Many designers debunk it as nonsensical (including architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Robert Venturi) while others stick to it as a defining mantra (Dieter Rams, John Maeda and Apple’s Jonathan Ive). Its true origination is in the 1855 poem by Robert Browning, Andrea del Sarto. It is possible Van Der Rohe extracted the phrase from there, which brings to mind that other well worn phrase; “Good designers copy, great designers steal”.

Each mug has a design on the front, the back and the base, so whether you are left handed or right handed, you can still let people know you are a design afficionado who enjoys a fine brew.

A satisfying Design Museum Shop item, designed by Build, made in the UK.



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