Blog Round-up

Some interesting things I've recently spotted in the blogosphere...

The New History Lab has its own advent calender. Colin Hyde from EMOHA is blogging a daily post about historic Leicester. Highlights so far include a Victorian photograph of a family once resident at 1, Salisbury Road and the foundations of Leicester Civic Society.

Also over at the NHL blog Matt has written of the current state of Raw Dykes - Roman earthworks adjacent to Aylestone Road. And you thought Jewry Wall was neglected! Shocking.

For the knitting obsessives amongst us, Ysolda - knitwear designer extraordinaire - has written about a recent visit to the V&A and specifically the museum's collection of lace-knit baby garments. I wonder where in the building they are on display - any ideas?


Malcolm said…
Thanks for this. I admit it was your idea! Colin's done a grand job thus far. I have a framed print of the Salisbury Road picture in my office (which is in the same building). Brilliant work!

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