UK Museums on the Web, Part the First

We have had a lovely welcome to the morning by Ross Parry and Gail Durbin, Head of V&A Online. The aims of this conference are manifold and interesting. In recognition,

A theme for the conference is chosen every year. After last year's rather technical subject 'The Semantic Web', the aim of this year is to return to the world of museums and to engage with the social, situated, and sensory aspects of the interaction of museums and the web.

In a world hit with recession, it may be difficult for people to engage with technologies - but perhaps those technologies can also provide the way to solve problems and get involved with people who can help - or to help themselves. Tied in with the Jodi Awards, accessibility is key.

The web is changing. It is becoming embedded in many things all around us. There are many material ways of engaging with online content - far more than ever before. Let us see where the ideas can take us.

More to Come...


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