UK Museums on the Web, Part the Fourth

'Open Mic'

A sequence of 5 minute presentations highlighted projects and concepts in short bursts. The ability of people to sign up on the day, to call for assistance, comment and input from their colleagues is an extremely valuable opportunity to advertise and learn about proposals and initiatives. Projects highlighted include Manchester Art Galleries Public Sculpture QR and Augmented Reality tagging project, BMAG's Pre-Raphaelite Online Resource,'s proposed collaborative video conferences between museums and schools, the art of successful blogging and Hartlepool Art Gallery's Articus website...and I'm sure they'd be interested in your views!

In all of these cases, the issue of measuring success is prominent. How do you define success for a museum or project? It's certainly a problem. The issues of usability and accessibility are also highlighted - for museum staff too, not just the public. Any suggestions?

Uniting the Open Mic was serving key audiences - and working with varied clients across - and beyond - the sector. We need to address this diversity.

This came after lunch - and I'd like to compliment the conference on it's provision of vegan eatables!


Amy said…
Glad you got some decent food - I've always found V&A events catering a bit 'meh'.
Jenny said…
Yeah, it was ok :) Not amazing but then again, is conference food ever? It was good though, and the staff were very kind :)
GemmaS said…
I organised the catering so It's good to hear they did provide vegan-friendly food :)
Jenny said…
I always appreciate it when people accomodate fussy persons such as myself! Thank you very much, GemmaS :)

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