Curiouser and Curiouser - hard at work shortlisting!

Museobunny is definitely looking forward to putting his paws up with a nice cup of carrot tea this Sunday. He and his helper bunnies have been hard at work reading through abstract submissions for Curiouser and Curiouser all this week. Apart from the UK and US, they have read proposals from as far away as Mexico, Serbia, South Korea, Estonia, Norway, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Croatia, the Philippines, Italy, Iran, and even Indonesia! Museobunny has had to refresh his geography knowledge, though he shouldn't be surprised that all these countries value their heritage so much! There was 59 proposals, more than double of what the helper bunnies can fit into the conference programme, and Museobunny's whiskers drooped sadly every time it looked like an abstract would have to be declined, because they were all so interesting! Frankly, Museobunny is emotionally and intellectually drained; he has delegated the responsibility of sending out acceptances and rejections to his helper bunnies. He is sure they will do a good job of putting up the museum website, sending out speaker information, and registration details in the next couple of weeks, while he has a nice refreshing hop around a nearby museomeadow.


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