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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Porous City

Imagine that the city you live in is riddled with tunnels and incursions, almost as much air below you as solid rock. Since being a child, I have been fascinated by caverns and grottos, these hidden spaces which are at once terrifying and yet, on some primal level, deeply evocative. Nottingham is such a city, a city built on caves, a fantastical underground world below the modern streets.

Go, look, and watch the videos. Geoff Manaugh does a great job of poeticizing about them here. The official Nottingham Caves blog is here.

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Ceri said...

We blogged about it a while ago now but if you have time do go and take a tour of the caves underneath Nottingham Castle. They are fantastic! Much less overdone than the Caves experience in the Broadmarsh shopping centre too, although they are also interesting.