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More information may be found on the website of The Greenland National Museum & Archives:
Invitation February 2007: Conference on Repatriation of Cultural Heritage

For the last couples of decades the world has witnessed an increasing number of disputes about cultural heritage ownership, and often these disputes result in claims for repatriation. What causes the disputes is the fact that ethnographic, archaeological or physical anthropological collections are often of importance to several parties simultaneously - both to the source community, who claims it by virtue of being the 'culture of origin', and the state, museum or private institution that currently holds the material. Since most of the disputes relate to material appropriated within a colonial or otherwise occupational context, repatriation isn't restricted to having museological implications, but touches upon a wide variety of political, legal, ethical and cultural issues. Owing to the successful repatriation partnership between Greenland and Denmark, the Greenland National Museum & Archives wish to host an international, cross-disciplinary conference on repatriation, addressing all relevant parties: researchers and museum curators, representatives of western governments, 3rd and 4th World populations, UN agencies and other inter- and non-governmental organizations. The aim of the conference is to create understanding and mutual respect between the parties involved, in order to work out solutions and models for collaboration in future repatriation disputes. We wish to invite you to take part in the conference in Nuuk, Greenland from February 13th-February 15th 2007.

Deadline for submitting papers or posters is November 1st, 2006. A number of the contributions will be published subsequently. Deadline for registration is November 15th, 2006. For registering or for further information about the conference see the Greenland National Museum & Archives website
Contact person: Mille GabrielMail to:

P.O. Box 145
Hans Egedesvej 8
Tel: +45 3347 3448
Fax: +45 3347 3322
Programme Monday 12 February 2007 - Arrival and Evening Reception
Tuesday 13 February 2007 - Conference Session 1. Whose Property / Whose Heritage? The Legal Status of Cultural Heritage Keynote Speakers:· Catherine E. Bell, Professor of Law, University of Alberta, Canada· Timothy McKeown, Program Coordinator, National NAGPRA Program, USA· Guido Carducci, Chief of International Standards Section, Division of Cultural Heritage, UNESCO Session 2. Why does Cultural Heritage Matter - The Politics of Repatriation Keynote Speakers:· Moira G. Simpson, English and Cultural Studies, Flinders University, Australia· Tom Hill, Former Director, Six Nations Cultural Centre, Canada· Gordon L. Pullar, Director, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Wednesday 14 February 2007 - Conference Session 3. Ethical Considerations - Repatriation as a Ritual of RedemptionKeynote Speakers: · Georgios A. Voulgarakis, Minister of Culture, Greece · Victoria Tauli Corpuz, Chair, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Executive Director of Tebtebba Foundation, the Philippines · Jonathan C.H. King, Keeper of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, British Museum, UK· George H.O. Abungu, Heritage Consultant, Okello Abungu Heritage Consultants, Kenya Session 4. Preservation or Reuse - Repatriation as a Challenge to Museums Keynote Speakers:· Te Taru White, Kaihautû, Mâori leader of the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa· Amareswar Galla, Vice President of ICOM, Director Graduate Studies in Sustainable Heritage Development, The Australian National University· Jack Lohman, Director, Museum of London Group, United Kingdom
Thursday 15 February 2007 - Workshop: Resolution
Friday 16 February 2007 - Departure Day

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