Journal: Early Popular Visual Culture

From H-ArtHist:

Early Popular Visual Culture
Volume 4 Number 3/November 2006

This issue contains:

TRADITIONS OF COLLECTING AND REMEMBERING: Gender, class and the nineteenth-century sentiment album and photographic album<>p. 227

Andrea Kunard 'THEY GO TO SEE A SHOW': Vicissitudes of spectating and the anxiety over the machine in the nineteenth-century science museum<>p. 245

Alison Griffiths DE FOREST PHONOFILMS: A reappraisal*<>p. 273

Leo Enticknap SELLING SHADOWS AND SUBSTANCE: Photographing Race in the United States,1850-1870s*<>p. 285

Mandy Reid KIDDING THE KAISER: British propaganda animation, 1914-1919<>p. 307

David HuxleyARCHIVE FEATURE<>p. 321

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