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From H-Museum:

Call for Papers
University of Oslo Museum of Cultural History
March 14-17, 2007

Dear Group Colleagues with a Japan focus,
You are invited to sign up for the next Japan Anthropology Workshop (JAWS) conference in Oslo. The conference addresses the theme "Japan and Materiality in a Broader Perspective." But any other topic as well is equally welcome, whether this would be a proposal for a panel, an individual paper, a special lecture, a media event, or a round table discussion.Contributors to the conference are also invited to approach issues related to Japan from a cross-disciplinary point of view. Students and doctoral candidates are welcome to participate. The inclusive approach to the issue of Japan and materiality may be illustrated by the following possible topics:

* Popular culture: media, film, fashion, commercial culture, food & drink
* Place and landscape: monuments, sights, itineraries, mementos
* The materiality of display: theme parks, museums, games, virtual reality
* Significant objects: tools for identity making, proprietorship, emblems of power and interest
* Inalienable or marketable crafts and skills
* Nature, body, sexuality, and the sacred within the context of tools andtechnology
* The physicality of selfhood: social use of the body

Received submissions will be posted on the conference website http://www.khm.uio.no/jaws-2007/. Some of the already registered panels may be open for additional participants. Please contact the organizer for information on this. Papers submitted as individual presentations will be grouped into thematically coherent panels. You are welcome to address any inquiry to the email address below. Conference communication in Japanese is welcomed.

Email address: jaws-2007@khm.uio.no
Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo next year!
Best regards,
Arne Rokkum--Professor of Social Anthropology
Department of Ethnography
Museum of Cultural History
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 6762
St. Olavs Plass
NO-0130 Oslo, Norway
Tel +47-22859965
Fax +47-22859960
Mobile phone:+47-97711558

Call for exhibition projects for
NODEM 06 Award
NODEM 06 Digital Interpretation in Cultural Heritage, Art and ScienceMuseums Oslo, December 7 - 9, 2006

As in earlier conferences NODEM 2006 will have an exhibition space outside the rooms where the keynote sessions, project presentations, and workshops is arranged. Exhibition space is free of charge.The exhibition space will be the perfect place:- to show demonstrations of research project results- to have hands-on experience- to show prototypes of on-going projects- to present institutions and their activities and perspectives- to discuss new collaborations

Exhibition proposals and other inquiries may be sent to:
Deadline for proposals is by Nov 6th.

The NODEM Award for the "Best Design of Digital Experiences in Museums" will be nominated Saturday Dec 8 2006. NODEM 06 have invited following keynote speakers- Liam Bannon, Interaction Design Centre Universitety of Limerick, Ireland- Vince Dziekan, Multimedia and Digital Art, Monash University, Australia- Jørn Hurum, Naturalhistorical Museum, University of Oslo, Norway- Daniel Pletinckx, Visual Dimension, Belgia- Franco Niccolucci, PIN, l'Università di Firenze, Itallia- Nick Ryan, University of Kent -Storbritannia

For information see NODEM 06 website:http://www.tii.se/v4m/nodem
Currently following museums and research institutions are contributing to the program- KIASMA/ Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, FI- Rovaniemi Art Museum, FI- Cleveland State Uni/Cleveland Museum of Natural History, USA- Reykjavik Art Museums, IS- Reykjavik City Museum, IS- DREAM Syddansk Universitet/Experimentariet, Odense/København, DK- Austagder kulturhistorise Museum, NO- EyeLed GmbH, Saarbrücken, TY- Kulturhistorisk museum, UiO, NO- University of Art and Design, Helsinki, FI- Antenna Audio, NE- Adlib information systems, TYWe hope to see you at NODEM 06 in Oslo as well!

Dagny Stuedahlcoordinator NODEM 06http://www.tii.se/v4m/nodem/index.htm
Department for Media and Communication University of Oslo Postboks 1093 Blindern0317 Oslo.tel. +47 22 85 04 06 mob. 99 72 81 56


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