One Day in History: National Blogging Event

Organisations like the National Trust and English Heritage have got together to launch the 'History Matters' campaign. As part of the organised events they are encouraging everyone in the country to upload a record of their day on Tuesday, 17th October 2006. The resulting diary entries will be retained at the British Library for posterity and should offer future generations a snapshot of everyday life in 2006. What a fantastic idea! I'll be taking part, how about you?!


Attic said…
Well I did it! Did anybody else? Turned out I had a fairly dull, 'though busy day. Not sure anyone in the future will want to read about it, to be honest. I should have mentioned news items, weather, what I was wearing, TV programmes I watched, etc (that would have provided much more significant a 'snap-shot' of life in 2006), but I forgot! :(
Anna W said…
Hi - No I didn't do this, I forgot! But I wish I had to be honest!
Attic said…
If anyone is interested you can read the entries made on the 17th Oct on the 'One Day in History' website:

Amy (not blogging, but still lurking ;) )

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