Announcement: Tate Papers

From H-ArtHist:

Tate Papers publishes research articles relating to Tate's collection and varied programmes. Published twice a year, it aims to reflect the richness and diversity of research undertaken at Tate.

This season's issue has a new design and additional features, including a News page and Emails to the Editor.

You can read the sixth issue online at

Stephen Daniels, Lines of Sight: Alfred Watkins, Photography and Topography in Early Twentieth-century Britain.

Steven Harris, Pataphysical Graham: A Consideration of the 'Pataphysical Practice of Rodney Graham'.

David Fraser Jenkins, 'Hopper and British Artists'.

Pip Laurenson, Authenticity, Change and Loss in the Conservation of Time-based Media Installations.

Bronwyn Ormsby et al, The Effects of Surface Cleaning on Acrylic Emulsion Paintings.

Christopher Short, Between Text and Image in Kandinsky's Works: A Consideration of the Album Sounds.

Brandon Taylor, Kandinsky and Contemporary Painting.
Jennifer Mundy
Head of Collection Research, Tate-
30 November 2006


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