Oral histories and the Internet

Further to my post about Oral Histories and YouTube earlier this week, I came across MemoryNet this evening, Tyne and Wear Museums' online collection of oral histories from the north-east coast. Visitors to the site can add comments and their own memories and experiences of the fishing communities. What's really interesting is that it's BSL-signed throughout, which I've never seen before on a website. Strikes me as a really good use of 'traditional' oral history techniques presented in a really accessible and inclusive way.


lsolanilla said…
When I read your post I couldn't believe it ! There is someone else in world who is interested in the subject "Oral histories and the Internet" !!! It's my PHd subject and I'm afraid I feel quite lonesome sometimes. I have recolected a lot of information on thios subject and I would be very pleased to share it and to discuss it with someone interested. Would you like to contact me by mail? (lsolanilla@uoc.edu)

I hope we'll meet on-line soon.


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