Journal: International Journal of Heritage Studies

Volume 13 Number 1/January 2007 of International Journal of Heritage Studies is now available on the web site at

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This issue contains:

Contributors p. 1 URL of article:

Editorial p. 2 Fiona McLean URL of article:

On the Cultural Heritage of Robots p. 4
Dirk H. R. Spennemann URL of article:

Planting Peace: The Greater London Council and the Community Gardens of Central London p. 22 Paul Gough URL of article:

Visiting a Cathedral: The Consumer Psychology of a 'Rich Experience' p. 41 Richard Voase URL of article:

Transport Infrastructure in the Mountains: Why and How to Protect Landscape with Human Activity as Part of its Heritage p. 56 Sebastian Eiter URL of article:

War Memorialisation and Public Heritage in Southeast Asia: Some Case Studies and Comparative Reflections p. 81 Ken Lunn URL of article:

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