The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a travelling exhibition which originated in Croatia, but has recently opened in Berlin, and is, according to the BBC, causing quite a stir. I love the idea of a truly democratic exhibition like this. Ordinary objects, with extraordinary stories and strong emotions attached to them, donated by the public, to document the myriad of feelings which accompany the break up of a relationship - something we can all (except perhaps the very lucky, or very lonely) amongst us can empathise with. What a fantastic way of dealing with those objects which have become, or represent, something personally significant, but which we cannot bear to live with for the constant reminders of that lost love or torturous breakup they engender. I know I would have plenty of stuff to donate!


Julio Fuentes said…
i'm so interested but I cant find the exact location of it.
Maibe you can help me!

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