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The MUSEUM HISTORY JOURNAL is now accepting manuscripts for volume 3 of the journal.  Manuscripts for volume 3, no. 1 (published in January 2010) will be received and processed until 1 July 2009.  Manuscripts for volume 3, no. 2 (published in July 2010) will be received and processed until 1 December 2009.

The Museum History Journal is a refereed international publication of critical evaluative histories relating to museums published by Left Coast Press, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA.  In the past, museum history scholarship has appeared in academic journals from myriad disciplines, making scholarly discourse difficult. We are filling this void and serving as a forum for scholars interested in this exciting area of research.

Our definition of the term ?museum? includes not only a broad range of museum types, including natural history, anthropology, archaeology, fine art, history, medical, and science and technology, but also related cultural institutions, such as aquaria, zoos, botanical gardens, arboreta, nature centers, historical societies and sites, architectural sites, archives, and
planetariums. A variety of scholarly approaches, such as analytical, narrative, historical, cultural, social, quantitative, and intellectual, are being published.  

Areas of inquiry that are of interest include: cultural and social analyses that evaluate the impact of museums and/or related institutions in the context of a particular time period; intellectual histories that emphasize museum philosophy; architectural histories that investigate museum spaces in a cultural context; critical histories of museum-related professions?museum
management, collection management, curation, field collection, preparation, collections conservation, exhibit design, and education; the development, management, and use of collections; histories of exhibitions and public programs; abbreviated biographies of significant museum figures with emphasis on contributions made to respective institutions; professionalization of the myriad museum communities; and critical institutional histories.

We have been fortunate to assemble an outstanding international editorial board who represent the broad range of disciplines. The board, consisting of 36 members from 11 nations on six continents, represents our commitment to make this a truly international journal.

Instructions for authors can be found on the Left Coast Press, Inc., website at  The journal is co-edited by Hugh H. Genoways and Mary Anne Andrei.  Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to  Juliet Burba serves as Editor for Book Reviews.  Recommendation for books to be reviewed and indications of interests in writing reviews may be sent to


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